Best Tactical Scopes

Most firearm enthusiasts these days use some kind of scope on top of their device for better vision and accuracy of the target. These optical sighting devices have made learning to shoot, and shooting better, much easier. The traditional way of lining up your sight before shooting at a target is not just time consuming but also hectic and inaccurate.

With a scope, you simply have to adjust the reticles and half the job is done for you. Also, most rifle scopes allow you the feature of zoom or magnification, allowing you to view your target closely, thereby increasing your chances of hitting the target.

Choosing the Right Scope

Choosing the right scope is the most important job. There are varieties of factors to consider. Most rookies think that the scope with the highest magnification power and the largest eye-relief is an optimum optic for them. But, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Choosing the right scope is all about meeting your personal needs.

For instance, what good will a scope with 20x magnification power be if you’re only using a hunting rifle, and do not shoot any further than 100 yards. For this particular activity, you’d have the best shooting experience with a normal scope designed for hunting that features 3-9x magnification. Going fancy does not automatically make you a better shooter.

Choosing the size of the objective lens is also an important part of getting the right scope. The general idea is that larger lenses provides you more usable light, but buying the biggest objective lens you see is just laughable. Again, stick to your needs. If you’re not doing much low-lighting shooting, then why bother spending extra cash.

The caliber of your rifle and the rifle’s length and weight is another important factor to consider here. This also helps you to factor in the eye-relief you need. Normally, the eye-relief is at 3 to 3.5 inches; however, if you’re using slug rifles or other guns that have greater recoil, you’ll want to get the scope with the highest possible eye relief. This will help you avoid the scope eye. Also, considering the weight of your rifle should give you a proper idea about the weight limit for your desired scope.

The cost of your scope is the ultimate factor in deciding and getting what you want. For this, first you might want to factor in the cost of your rifle. Sure, there are riflescopes that cost thousands of dollars that offer superb magnification power and wide varieties of other features.

However, the scope is of no use to you if you’ve only got a deer hunting rifle. You might also need to make some compromises depending on your budget. Tactical riflescopes are available for as low as 50 dollars and some even less.

This doesn’t mean that these products are ineffective, but they will lack in quality compared to higher priced products. The build quality of these scopes will be cheap, and quality of the parts such as laser sight, glass and lens aren’t always up to the mark.

The optimum choice is to spend a little dough and opt for a full metal construction body that features fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof glass. Along with that, having high quality laser sights are also extremely important. While more than two is a bit redundant, opt for the scopes that offer red and green laser sights. This will allow you to switch between the colors of the reticle sight at will, allowing you to shoot better even in poor lighting conditions.

To make it easier for you in making your decision, we have listed some of the best riflescopes on the market. This should help you get started.

Vokul® Tactical 4 Reticle Red Dot Open Reflex Sight

The tactical riflescope from Vokul is the perfect product for those looking for low-budget scopes. It’s unbelievable how inexpensive the product is, and yet it offers quite a few features. This optic comes with 4 reticle patterns and the device has been tuned such that it provides unlimited eye-relief. You can switch between 7 different brightness settings. Mounting this scope on a rifle is a fairly easy task, thanks to its picatinny mount base.


  • Its inexpensive price tag is definitely its greatest strength. And, even for the price, the device is quite rich in terms of features.
  • Dual illumination of red and green laser sights are available, allowing you to switch between the colors to best fit your needs.
  • Holding the zero isn’t always the most notable feature among tactical scopes of low budget. However, this being one of the cheapest scopes on the market, it’s still received a fair bit of praise regarding its zero
  • It comes with Allen head screw type windage and elevation click adjustments with locking screw.
  • The product will suit you just fine while shooting at normal and moving targets. Also, rapid-firing shouldn’t be any issue.


  • As per the user reviews for this product, switching between the reticles isn’t recommended despite its four options. You’ll be forced to reconfigure the whole thing to set your scope to retain its accuracy. So, just choose a reticle and stick to it.
  • While the product has received a fair amount of praise, especially given its price tag, it has also been comment on its unsteadiness. It might just be the case with a few faulty products from the company, but that’s the risk you’ll have to buying an inexpensive scope.

It’s remarkable how inexpensive this product is. You definitely won’t find anything even worthy of comparison with this tactical scope in terms of features. The four different reticle options, dual illumination sight, and ability to hold zero makes this scope effective. If you’re looking for inexpensive scopes that offer best value for their price tag, the Vokul riflescope is definitely among the bests out there. The package also includes simple, easy-to-read instructions, so you shouldn’t have any problems setting it up.

AOTOP 2.5-10×40 Tactical Rifle Scope Dual Illuminated Mil-dot

This is another superb tactical rifle scope from AOTOP. This scope comes with a barrel mount 1”/25mm and 30mm ring adapter with a 20mm weaver picatinny rail mount. It has four tactical reticles and also features green and red laser dual illuminated mil-dots. The packaged is well equipped with the CR 123 laser, mounting tools, batteries, cleaning cloth, and a proper manual with instructions to help you get started right away.  Amazon is just one of the many online vendors where you can purchase this product from.


  • The 2.5 – 10x zoom ability works spectacularly. The magnification is effective throughout the range, and it also gives you a clear idea of what you can do with this scope on your gun even without purchasing it.
  • The side mounted red laser seems to be of a high order, as it seems to work well even when the lighting conditions are poor.
  • All four reticles can be illuminated in either red or green color, as per your preference and surrounding condition.
  • You can easily remove the reflex sight with a flashlight on top of the scope.


  • There have been complaints about users having a hard time in fixing true zero. It’s quite unsteady in that sense and doesn’t seem to be able to hold the position.
  • You’ll need to be extremely close in order to see well enough through this scope because of its smaller eye-view. The eye-view gets smaller as you increase the magnification. If your gun provides good recoil, you might be a victim of scope eye having stayed too close.
  • While the scope does get the job done, you shouldn’t expect all parts to be military grade.

AOTOP has built a reputation as a fine manufacturer of riflescopes, and the company does not disappoint here either. It’s definitely among the best products on the market in its category, and offers great value for its money. The device looks neat and eye catching at first glance, but it’s not limited to just that. The features on this optic are magnificent and they have been designed to help you grow as a shooter. The scope feels fairly sturdy, so you can be assured of its durability, too.

CVlife 2.5-10×40 Tactical Rifle Scope Mil-Dot Dual Illuminated w/ Red Laser and Mount

The tactical rifle scope from Chinook is another low-budget product for you that comes with outstanding features. The magnification on this optic is 2.5 – 10x as claimed by the company which provides decent shooting options for gun enthusiasts. It comes with red and green illuminated mil-dot reticles and can be switched as per the users’ preference.

It also comes with a free 20mm and 11mm rail mount. The field of view is fairly decent with 100 yards of 32.5’ at 2.5x – 8.9’ at 10x. The product package that you receive upon shipment is complete with batteries, mounting tools, and everything you might need alongside the scope.


  • There is nothing confusing about the scope and installation is easily done.
  • For the product that’s priced so inexpensively, the picatinny mount sites perfectly. This is quite a rare feat in low-budget products.
  • The red laser sight seems to be of a decent quality, and dimly lit conditions shouldn’t be any issue. Although it’s not recommended to use this unit for hunting at night.
  • The product features metal construction, and it just adds to the confidence about its durability.
  • It features a modern, attractive design.


  • The green laser sight is practically useless. Using green illumination for your reticle sight will cause the light to bleed within the scope causing distraction and making it extremely difficult to focus on the target.
  • The product overall leaves hardly any space for complaints. However, the batteries do not seem to last on this scope. Batteries drain out unbelievably fast, so you’ll need to hang on to a few high quality extras at all times. If nor, you’ll be stuck with a scope that doesn’t light up.
  • Keep in mind that this scope is mainly good for shooting at short range targets. It can get the job done, depending on your skill; it’s not a go-to scope if you’re aiming for targets afar.

The greatest positive of purchasing this product is that it’s highly inexpensive. Granted, it’s got a fair share of pros and cons, but if you’ve understood the possibilities and limitations of the product, then this can be your prime scope without any issues. It’s all about meeting your shooting requirements. Not only is the product superb, but the company seems to stand behind their products too. The customer service is excellent, and all your issues will be dealt with promptly. You definitely won’t regret your purchase with this one.

AOTOP Tactical Rifle Scope 3-9x40EG Dual Illuminated

For modern gun enthusiasts, it’s all about comfort, accuracy, and fun. AOTOP is one brand that offers all of these with their fantastic line of tactical riflescopes.  This one in particular features a high grade fully coated optical lens. The scope has been treated with dry nitrogen in order to make it shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof. The scope features five different levels of multi-X reticles that can be illuminated in red and green colors.


  • The red laser sight has a reach of 100m, so meeting a target that far shouldn’t be a problem at all.
  • This scope zero-s well and unlike most products in the category, it also holds its position.
  • The scope is easy to install and you’ll be able to get started within a matter of minutes.
  • The 22m reflex lens aperture offers a wide field of view.
  • Shooting moving targets and rapid-firing shouldn’t be any issue at all with this outstanding scope.


  • Carelessness by the company in shipment of the product has been among the major complaints from the customers. There have been complaints about the package missing parts, and the supposedly new scope being scratched in certain areas.
  • It’s quite a large scope, so it might not be suitable for every type of gun. You’ll need to factor in the size and weight of your gun before deciding on this scope.

The riflescope from AOTOP has been designed to provide you the ultimate hunting experience. This product offers some great features, and the company truly seems to stand behind their product. The company has offered 12 months of guarantee with the scope, and there have been a fair amount of praise about the customer service. The scope looks pretty good and works even better. It offers great value for your money. You’ll definitely recommend this scope to your friends.

CVLife 2.5-10X40 Tactical Rifle Scope w/ Red Laser & Holographic Green/Red Dot Sight

Chinook has established itself as the go-to brand by many shooters in recent years. They offer good quality at reasonable prices, and the same thing holds true for this one. This scope from Chinook features full metal construction, so you can be assured of its durability. It comes with a free 20mm and 11mm rail mount. Mounting this scope on your rifle should be a fairly easy task as the integrated mount offers secure and quick attachment to any picatinny or weaver rails. This rig seems to be packed with high quality features, considering its price point.


  • This scope comes with integrated laser sight that can be adjusted and controlled independently. This allows more flexibility to the shooters.
  • The mounting seems to hold perfectly without any issues.
  • The magnification capability of this scope is superb at 2.5-10x, and you won’t be bothered with blurry visions or lack of it unlike cheaper scopes on the market.
  • You get pretty much everything you need to set this scope up, including six AG10 batteries, two hex wrenches, five CR2032 batteries, and even a padded box for the storage.


  • The scope itself seems quite sturdy; however, the same can’t be said about its cover. The cover seems flimsy, doesn’t fit right, and there’s a good chance you’ll break the straps pretty soon.
  • This fine looking product would have been near perfect if not for the slightly less than commendable laser sight. Still, it gets the job done. Just don’t expect anything military grade.

It’s one of the fancier looking products on the market, which luckily isn’t priced too high. This product holds the zero well, is highly accurate, and offers magnification up to 10x. Its moderate price tag is highly justifiable due to its top-notch features. While a few parts could have been improved, this scope still gets the job done and that’s what matters for most folks. It offers great value for money. This is definitely a product that’s been designed to last a while.


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